Shocks and Struts

We’ve been fixing, working with, modifying and designing our own shock absorbers for more than 60 years, so yeah, we know a thing or two about shock absorbers. This page explains the basic mechanics of shock absorbers in Australia and also why you should choose us to assess, replace or upgrade your suspension system. After all, we’re Australia’s No.1 suspension specialists.

A shock absorber’s primary role is to resist movement, to control the movement of the car’s springs and reduce body roll.

Here’s what happens:

  • A tire hits a bump in the road surface.
  • The wheel and suspension moves upwards causing the spring to compress.
  • The spring absorbs the energy of the impact and then releases this energy expanding.
  • This movement of the suspension is necessary to allow the tyre to pass over the bump without causing the body of the car to rise the same distance.
  • Further expansion and compression of the spring after the impact is unwanted and this is what a shock absorber is designed to prevent.

The shock resists this movement by controlling the flow of oil inside the shock through a number of control valves. Pedders valves are precisely engineered to provide a measured resistance to the oil flow and a very smooth ride.


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