Pedders latest range of brake pads are now offered in SportsRyder and TrakRyder editions to satisfy the growing needs of the discerning performance driver.

SportsRyder Kevlar Ceramic brake pads are specifically designed for Sports, Performance and Prestige driving enthusiasts. Pedders Sports Ryder Kevlar ceramic brake pads provide superior stopping power and maintain braking efficiency at increased temperatures.

For those that need extra stopping confidence due to heavier vehicles, Pedders TrakRyder Kevlar Ceramic 4WD and SUV Brake Kits offer superior stopping power that is demanded by those that tow or carry loads as well as the off-road enthusiast. Pedders TrakRyder Kevlar Ceramic Pads provide a smooth bite and consistent firm pedal. Pedders Trakryder Ceramic 4WD and SUV Brake Kits have been specifically designed for towing and load carrying applications where extra weight, extra heat and stopping distances become paramount.

Key features and benefits of both the SportsRyder and TrakRyder are:

  • Kevlar ceramic friction formula for outstanding braking performance in all conditions
  • Outstanding Braking Performance
  • Maintaining a consistently higher coefficient of friction
  • Ultra Low Dusting Pads designed to keep wheels clean
  • Longer Lasting Formulation
  • Dual Rubber Backed Shims to reduce vibration and brake noise
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